Opening of the official office building at 42 Mūkusalas Street (Tele 2 SSC new home)

Opening of the PRO DEV rebuilt  building at 42 Mūkusalas Street took place today. This […]

Opening of the PRO DEV rebuilt  building at 42 Mūkusalas Street took place today. This building was commissioned on 7 April this year, however, the formal opening with the participation of the new residents of the premises – management of Tele 2 SSC (Shared Service Center) company and Mr. Arvils Ašeradens, the Minister for Economics – took place today.

In his speech the Minister for Economic Affairs emphasised that this is a positive day, because we should not always have to talk about the challenges related to the creation of additional revenue. Today, the official opening of the doors of the building is taking place, with more than 200 staff employed in the area of the provision of outsourced services, and it is intended that the numbers of SSC staff employed in Latvia will grow even further, providing new jobs and a significant contribution to the Latvian economy.

Tele2 SSC is referred to as the fastest growing company among the companies in the field of software development and provision of IT services.

According to the available information, last year the number of company employees increased to 500, but by the end of this year it is expected to be 600 employees.

At the time of opening a visit to the newly-built premises was also ensured.

In order to ensure the new Tele 2 SSC premises, PRO DEV has rebuilt the historic three-storey steel-foundry building into a five-storey office building. In this way the building’s floor-space was expanded significantly, which allowed the necessary amount of work places to be provided.

Please take the opportunity to look at the photo from the opening event below.