About us

LLC PRO DEV is a construction company with 10 years of experience, successfully combining trade skills with a state-of-the art approach to planning and implementation of construction projects. We have completed more than 500 construction and renovation projects of various sizes. We believe that any proper construction developer must maintain their trade skills. This means they should have in-house specialists employed on a full-time basis.

That is why we are construction developers – master craftsmen ensuring not only the management of construction projects, but also doing the majority of the work ourselves.

We believe that for successful implementation of a construction project, our own employees should make up at least 60% of the workforce. Our approach (mission) to construction:

“We make the largest purchase of your life come true”

Construction projects implemented in high quality often predetermine the success of entrepreneurs, and quality and safety of the life of the population. We keep this in mind when implementing each and every construction project. We have completed a number of projects both as general contractor and also performing the work as subcontractors. We work with 80 projects on average per season. We apply modern technologies to make the construction processes more effective and to be able to efficiently complete them.

We are the company with the most experience in the renovation and heat insulation of buildings in Latvia, with more than 60 completed projects – apartment houses, kindergartens, municipal buildings, etc. We take pride in our experience and specialists in the field of roof construction and renovation. Over recent years we have performed roofing works of more than 100,000m², completing the renovation and construction of roofs of various constructions and materials.

We don’t take advantage of our clients by artificially raising costs of the construction process. We constantly pursue the most economical solution for the project to be completed with the highest quality.