Renovation and insulation of apartment house at 67 S. Eizenšteina Street

Union "S.Eizenšteina 67"
Time of completion
2014/07 – 2014/10
Object and address
9 - storey apartment house at S. Eizenšteina 67, Rīga
Performed works
Complex building renovation


Within the framework of the house renovation project the façade, end walls, socle, the attic floor and the staircase were heat insulated. 120 mm thermal insulation layer was used for heat insulation of the facade, end walls and staircase, 100 mm thermal insulation was used for heat insulation of the socle.

The wooden windows located in the apartments were replaced with PVC type windows, doors have been replaced for the staircase, exit to the attic and the cellar. Heat insulation of the heating system pipelines has been carried out with 50 mm heat insulation casings, comprehensive improvement of the heating system has been ensured, including radiators have been replaced on a centralised basis, thermal regulation valves have been installed. This house was one of the nominees in the “Most energy-efficient renovated apartment building in Latvia 2016” contest.