Renovation and heat insulation of apartment house at 32 Pirma Street, Ādaži

LLC "Latvijas Namsaimnieks"
Time of completion
2014/06 – 2014/10
Object and address
Apartment house, Pirmā str. 32, Ādaži
Performed works
Renovation and insulation works (facade, roof, windows, heating system)


Façade and socle heat insulation has been carried out for the building with a 100 mm heat insulation layer, window openings have been heat insulated as well. During the renovation project, the building was covered with new roofing and provided with roof heat insulation from 200 mm thick insulation material. Old windows have been replaced with new PVC windows. Pipeline insulation (stone wool insulation with foil covering) has been ensured. Meters have been installed for radiators, as well as a data reading module has been installed and set up. Similarly, cleaning of the building ventilation ducts has been carried out.

Heat insulation of the façade and socle, replacement of windows, covering of new roofing and roof insulation