Energy efficiency improvement at Merkela street 13A, Valka

LLC “Valkas Namsaimnieks”
Time of completion
2018/04 - 2018/07
Object and address
Valka, Merkela 13A
Performed works
Improvement of energy efficiency, facade insulation, replacement of windows and roofing, basement and plinth insulation


During the renovation of the building, windows were replaced in apartments and common areas, replacement of doors in common areas, insulation of all exterior walls, roof insulation and replacement of roofs, renovation of entrance roofs, insulation of the roof and restoration of the curb, roof insulation and renovation of wooden constructions, arrangement of ventilation system installation of fresh air supply valves, restoration of heating system (installation of new heating radiators and heat distributor (alocators), replacement of risers and valves, balancing valves installation), stairwells cosmetic repair.